Meet The Disruptive Factory
Insights & Technology Team


The Disruptive Factory Insights & Technology Team is diverse, experienced and committed to disruptive excellence. 

Backgrounds touch on a wide range of industries and creative endeavors with execution depth and innovation.  At our core, we focus on empowering our team and clients to create a more sustainable world with the avenues and tools for citizens, organizations, entrepreneurs, and companies to thrive, engage and contribute.

Cynthia A. Phillips, Founder 

Cynthia A. Phillips, Founder of The Disruptive Factory, is an economist/agricultural economist as well as a business consultant to for-profit and social enterprises with over 25 years of experience in the areas of risk management, strategic planning, marketing, branding, analytics, big data, business development, sustainability, and global expansion. A former Director of International Marketing & Risk Management at American Express she consults with technology companies and start-ups such as Cisco Systems and Riverbed. She is the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for Vessl, Inc. a disruptive packaging company. She serves as a senior advisor to CEOs of disruptive companies like PlugnPlay Tech Center, Immunicom, BioLargo, Turnkey Group, and NimbusT. Phillips sits on several nonprofit boards such as Davis College|Akilah. Phillips is a champion of the 17 UN SDGs and supports nonprofit organizations as well as companies of any scale to integrate the SDGs into their business planning, Business Intelligence, ESG, and CSR. She is the founder of GlobalShiftTV, The Disruptive Factory, and The Disruptive Factory Media & Creative Group. A writer and producer, she has several projects in development including a TV Series on the life and legacy of Florence Nightingale.

References and endorsements for Phillips’ work can be found on LinkedIn.

Paulette DesCouteaux

Paulette DesCoteaux has over 25 years helping companies maximize their use of technology to increase revenue and profits.  

As an EARTH ADVOCATE, Paulette is newly focused on sustainability initiatives – helping companies find new ways to deliver environmental and social change while improving profitability.

Paulette is a technology veteran with deep experience across industries and technology solutions — leading and directing enterprise technology teams for Tier 1 companies such as Oracle and Salesforce in addition to evangelizing bleeding edge technology and concepts for early-stage companies such as Lattice Engines, Deliv and ShipperBee. 

Paulette holds a track record of producing exceptional results in new business development, problem analysis & resolution, process improvement and strategic marketing. Paulette has expansive market expertise in sales & marketing optimization, CRM, big data, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, supply chain management & stochastic optimization, manufacturing and warehouse management (process & discrete), logistics, enterprise resource planning, distribution & transportation.

Gordy Fairchild

Dean G. “Gordy” Fairchild, Ph.D. is founder and CEO of Synergy Data Science, an Arizona-based full-service data science and analytics consulting and R&D shop. Gordy’s enthusiasm for data science, finance analytics, and econometrics is motivated by his zest for discovering increasing returns to clients from “synergistic data science”.  Synergistic data science is based on combining state-of-the art “new school” AI and data science techniques with centuries of “old school” analytics and statistical techniques. Gordy has found that the most important way to promote synergy is by recruiting, motivating, and listening to diverse team. Crucial to this approach is a mix of employee, contract, and freelance pros each empowered to contribute independently to the whole effort. 

Prior to founding SDS, Gordy spent almost a decade within Silicon Valley data science consulting start-up, Cognilytics as it grew exponentially and was then sold to telecom giant Century Link. In his 9 years as a Senior Director, Gordy managed or worked on 100+ projects for 33 international clients ranging from 7 of the largest US banks to insurance, agribusiness, transportation, government, telecom, and other sectors. 

Gordy holds a Ph.D in Agricultural Economics from the University of Florida. The ag con speciality gave Gordy an enormous amount of practical experience. At Florida, Gordy worked with Big Data in a focus on futures market transactions, supermarket scanner data, and options pricing. He funded his doctoral dissertation by consulting for Internet, telecom and agribusinesses on access to and use of the web and advanced networking for farmers, ranchers, nurseries, processors, and rural Florida.

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Narek Sahakyan , Associate

Narek Sahakyan is an Associate at The Disruptive Factory. Narek is an Economist and recent USC graduate of International Public Policy and Management. Originally from Armenia, he has a background in both economics and more than 8 years of working experience as a business consultant and project coordinator.

While in Armenia, Narek Sahakyan has been involved in more than 30 research projects commissioned by famous international organizations such as World Bank, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), World Vision, etc. His main areas of expertise include business and investment planning, strategic planning, market research, analytics, as well as program implementation and evaluation.