What Does The Disruptive Factory Do?

We carefully listen to clients, assess and design solutions unique to the needs and goals articulated. Our team includes branding and marketing experts, business strategists, customer experience, human-centered design, and UX thought leaders, change management and culture optimization strategists, CSR and sustainability change-makers, philanthropy innovators, data scientists, and business intelligence experts; all with decades of experience in 30 international markets and the US.

Core Area 1: Venture Development & Management

We provide a variety of results-driven consulting services as well as interim C-level leadership. We are in the business of envisioning and investing in our client’s present and future while honoring their original vision and mission.

The Disruptive Factory works with start-ups and growth-stage companies. We become so invested in their success that The Disruptive Factory often partners for the long-term with client companies serving in executive leadership and creative roles. We also create our own companies and brands.

    • Strategic planning
    • Organization and culture optimization
    • Brand Development
    • Strategic Marketing
    • Product Development
    • Data & Analytics | Big Data | Strategic Business Intelligence
    • Research and Whitepapers
    • Growth Strategies and Execution
    • Business Development
    • Change Management
    • Venture Fundraising

Our current projects include:

    • Verti™ Our Animated Sustainability Spokesman
    • Global ShiftTV™: A Social Good, Environmental and Wellness IPTV Channel on Roku currently and on Smart TVs in 2018
    • Global Shift 2030™: A Social Good Mobile App re-launching in late 2019 or early 2020

Core Area 2: Insights & Technology Platforms


TDF provides a suite of services and capabilities related to data and insight.

    • Our team has over 30 years combined experience in building data warehouses, business intelligence, organizational data, relevant and robust AI, as well as framing ideas that transform ideas into keen insights for white papers and thought leadership.
    • TDF is also pioneering it’s own AI with speciality industry verticals. We focus on robust and transparent processes that support business growth and goals. TDF Champions and supports the business development of game changing SaaS, business intelligence, data and analytics, as well as AI that drives results

Core Area 3: Media & Creative Platforms

Transmedia Campaigns | Film | TV | Apps | Games

The Disruptive Factory has built a special division and go-to team to create state of the art immersive experiences, film, digital media, VR/AR and engagement platforms that drive meaningful impact in the world.

Engagement Platforms

Here you will see our current diverse channels we utilize for reaching and interacting with your chosen audiences.

    1. Verti™
    2. GlobalShift2030™
    3. Film/TV:
      • Global Shift TV: Global Shift TV is a digital TV channel on Sustainability/Social Change/ Changemakers/ Environmental / Clean Technology/Wellness; currently on Roku and soon on Amazon, LG, Samsung, and XBOX 360 with a reach of 50 million.
      • Fossil Explorers: VR Enabled TV Series with Fossil Hunters
    4. Digital Media:
      • Video Production Services
      • Mobile Apps, Games, Interactive Web Development
      • Digital Marketing and UX Optimization
      • AR & VR (Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality) Experiential Engagement

For additional information or details about any or all of our interactive services, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Distinctive Event Creation & Management

The Disruptive Factory also creates and produces distinctive events for both our clients and allied companies designed to support growth and outreach as well as celebrate achievements and industry success..