Meet The Disruptive Factory
Media & Creative Team

The Disruptive Factory Media & Creative Team is diverse, experienced and committed to disruptive excellence. 

Backgrounds touch on a wide range of industries and creative endeavors with execution depth and innovation.  At our core, we focus on empowering our team and clients to create a more sustainable world with the avenues and tools for citizens, organizations, entrepreneurs, and companies to thrive, engage and contribute.

Cynthia A. Phillips, Founder 

Cynthia A. Phillips, Founder of The Disruptive Factory, is an economist/agricultural economist as well as a business consultant to for-profit and social enterprises with over 25 years of experience in the areas of risk management, strategic planning, marketing, branding, analytics, big data, business development, sustainability, and global expansion. A former Director of International Marketing & Risk Management at American Express she consults with technology companies and start-ups such as Cisco Systems and Riverbed. She is the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for Vessl, Inc. a disruptive packaging company. She serves as a senior advisor to CEOs of disruptive companies like PlugnPlay Tech Center, Immunicom, BioLargo, Turnkey Group, and NimbusT. Phillips sits on several nonprofit boards such as Davis College|Akilah. Phillips is a champion of the 17 UN SDGs and supports nonprofit organizations as well as companies of any scale to integrate the SDGs into their business planning, Business Intelligence, ESG, and CSR. She is the founder of GlobalShiftTV, The Disruptive Factory, and The Disruptive Factory Media & Creative Group. A writer and producer, she has several projects in development including a TV Series on the life and legacy of Florence Nightingale.

References and endorsements for Phillips’ work can be found on LinkedIn.

Marie Studer

Marie Studer is a Partner and Relationships Manager at The Disruptive Factory and Science & Society lead for The Disruptive Factory / Media & Creative division, championing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for our work with partners. She engages people with scientific and sustainability endeavors and helps mission-oriented organizations run professionally and smoothly. She is a scientist with a passion for connecting people with meaningful and creative explorations of the world that are relevant to them and our future. Her career has focused on public accessibility and understanding of science through government and public policy positions, to scientific and education leadership for international citizen science projects, to engaging formal and informal educators and youth in biodiversity learning using hands-on and online resources and tools. She is especially interested in creating awareness and action around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Marie has executive leadership experience in non-profit organizations and multi-institutional consortiums, with a proven record in strategic planning, strategic partnership development, organizational management and development, budgeting, fiscal control, staff development, stakeholder relations, and fundraising. As a collaborative leader, she listens and finds common ground, while ensuring vision and mission guide decisions. She enjoys networking and connecting people, ideas and projects to deliver outcomes and impact. She has held positions as Staff Scientist for the Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Program, Chief Scientist for Earthwatch Institute, and as Director of Learning + Education for the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL). She serves on several boards and committees for organizations working to support sustainable communities and environments. 

David Zung

David Zung is a painter, photographer, and filmmaker. He has worked as a storyboard artist, director, and production designer in the commercial film and television industry in New York City for the last 35 years on over 1,000 projects. His work on national and international campaigns include almost every brand imaginable for most of the leading production companies in New York City and have won numerous industry awards. David’s clients have included MTV, Nickelodeon, Viacom, Disney, Blue Sky Studios, and Scholastic Media. 

David has taught storyboarding at NYU Tisch School of the Arts in the undergraduate film and animation program since 2005. His class was named one of the top 5 courses of its kind by Animation Magazine. David has also taught drawing, design and thesis mentoring at the NYU Graduate Department of Design for Stage and Film to set and costume designers since 2012. In Spring 2019 the graduate design students nominated him for the David Payne-Carter Distinguished Teaching Award at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts. In addition to NYU David is currently teaching undergraduates at the FIT Illustration program and is thesis advising at The Brooklyn College Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema.

Vivian Sorenson

Vivian Sorenson is an award-winning Executive Producer, Showrunner and Director with a history of creating hit television shows across a variety of platforms.  As the Co-Executive Producer of the iconic series Chopped, Chopped Junior& After Hours (over 800 episodes) she has won a James Beard Award and the show has been nominated for an Emmy & 4 Critics Choice Awards.  Vivian has worked in a range of seminal television series: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, What Not to Wear, The Bachelor, Wife Swap, Big Ideas for a Small Planet, Operation Homecoming and Savoring Harlem, a documentary about food and the history of Harlem.  Her seasoned storytelling skills were honed in the world of theatre where she started out as a director in NYC. Vivian is a member of Pleiades, a network of women working towards global sustainability.  She lives in NYC with her husband and daughter, 2 cats and 1 guinea pig.

Ed Brown

Ed Brown is a writer, director, and producer. His award-winning debut documentary “Unacceptable Levels,” has screened at 28 International Film Festivals as he took on the entire toxic chemical industry. Ed is now prepared to take one specific chemical to task. “A New Resistance” promises to be one of the most important pieces of investigative journalism of our time and the urgency of this project cannot be overstated.