Spring 2019 News from The Disruptive Factory: Denise Pines and WisePause Lifestyle Summit

It’s been an exciting spring season for The Disruptive Factory (TDF) as we work with our partners and clients to grow and expand their offerings worldwide across different industries.

This month, we are delighted to introduce our valued TDF partner and team member Denise Pines, and the incredible work she is doing to transform midlife wellness for women.

A longtime community health advocate, media pioneer and award-winning marketer and serial entrepreneur, Pines currently serves as president of the Medical Board of California. In this role, she is making great strides to improve transparency and recently invited patient advocates to the table to discuss the Board’s enforcement efforts, listen to their concerns, and answer questions they had regarding the Board. It was the first time that the Board sat with patient advocates in an open notice meeting. While not every issue raised by the patient advocate attendees was solved during this session, Pines considers it a terrific starting point and looks forward to continuing the conversation.

A trusted resource for women as they pursue midlife wellness, Pines is the founder of WisePause Lifestyle Summit, a tour launching this fall (2019) for peri- and menopausal women and the FemAge Tech Index, a report that combines key trends and survey data focusing on diverse women’s preferences for products and services in the tech sector. Perimenopause— the hormonal “roller-coaster” years preceding menopause— can be a bumpy ride for many women and many times, even more so for Black women. With knowledge that the U. S. has the highest proportion of peri-and menopausal women in our population, Pines deeply believes that women are poised for breakthroughs during their “WisePause” life cycles when they are armed with the right information to make wiser, healthier, and more self-affirming choices.

I believe it’s essential to provide valuable information and tips on how to manage menopause and maintain overall wellness because knowledge is power and bewilderment is not a fun place to be,” says Pines. “Part of my mission is to
encourage women to be their own healthcare advocates 
and to take greater
responsibility for managing their health, physically, mentally and emotionally

Stay tuned for more announcements about the
upcoming WisePause Lifestyle Summit Tour this fall

The WisePause Lifestyle Summit grew out of Pines’ work in founding and growing Tea Botanics, a premium line of high-performance life stage­–specific, doctor-developed, nutritional tea-based beverages and supplements that address body and brain health needs. Tea Botanics’ flagship product, Hot Flash Tea™, is designed to provide relief for the daily challenges associated with menopausal symptoms—and is a new approach to women’s health that addresses the cause of menopause, not just the symptoms by regulating the complex interaction between the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, the ovaries and the multiple hormones that are produced among these organs.

The innovative formulation for Hot Flash Tea™ was developed by Pines’ Tea Botanics co-founder, award-winning Dr. Pei Vuong and tea experts worldwide combining their extensive clinical experience with current research.

Learn more about Hot Flash Tea by Tea Botanics here.

More about Pines: Along with serving as president of the Medical Board of California, she serves on the Martin Luther King Community Hospital Foundation board. Pines is a member of and serves in leadership positions in the California University of Science and Medicine (CUSM) School of Medicine, the Triple Step Toward the Cure, and the Taiwan Tea Manufacturers Association. She previously worked as the creative consultant for several talk shows on PBS and NPR, including one with a 14-year run and ten documentaries. She has produced over 150 events nationwide and designed the marketing strategy that put three books on the New York Times bestseller list in one year.

To contact Pines directly, please feel free to email her: denise (at) teabotanics.com. 

RECENT NEWS from The Disruptive Factory:

The Disruptive Factory Founder and CEO, Cynthia Phillips recently joined the advisory board of AZENTIVE, an innovative organization that offers integrated solutions for resource efficiency, wellness,productivity, natural sunlight, and technologies. AZENTIVE offers an integrated approach to healthy profits, plants, people, and places™ through comprehensive solutions that leverage behavioral sciences, proven and cutting-edge technologies, and innovative business practices.

Learn more about AZENTIVE here, and stay tuned for more exciting news from our partners and clients coming later this spring!

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