Excerpt from Daily Telegraph – Business Reporter, June 1, 2019

Article from the Daily Telegraph – Business Reporter, June 1, 2019

We need a new mindset to advance the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and smart city initiatives

Visionary CEO Satya Nadella used empathy and collaboration to reboot Microsoft and kickstart a $250billion turnaround. “The CEO is the curator of an organisation’s culture,” he noted in an October 2017 article for Fast Company. “We have evolved from a know-it-all culture to a learn-it-all culture.”

Nadella transformed Microsoft with this new mindset. Now other CEOs, thought leaders and public officials are opening up to new ways of building solutions and incorporating 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their planning, and there needs to be resources and thought leadership to advance on all fronts if the 2030 timelines to realise the SDGs and their underlying targets are to be met.

Daniel Pink’s book A Whole New Mind presents some important ideas that advance the mindset necessary to achieve the SDGs, ideas that are also essential to realising smart cities. On their own, all the brilliant technological solutions in the world will not create the world we want for the next generation.
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<Article was written by Cynthia A. Phillips, PhD,  Founder and CEO, The Disruptive Factory and Founder, The Experience Factoory>

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