Disrupting Our Way into 2019: Reflections From The Disruptive Factory


The Disruptive Factory is growing rapidly, taking on exciting new projects and gearing up for an unforgettable 2019. 

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what we’ve been up to in the last year, and what’s on the horizon for the next year. 


Many of our clients and partners have hit incredible milestones, including our partner BioLargo‘s new acquisition of breakthrough stem cell therapy technology called SkinDiscTM that uses a homogeneous cocktail to generate a cell-rich bio gel that supports the healing of chronic wounds. This new technology has been proven to help salvage of limbs that otherwise may have led to amputation and costly treatments. The Disruptive Factory is hard at work building strategic partnerships and fundraising to support BioLargo’s growth into an internationally competitive wound care company.

“The Disruptive Factory has the unique skill of understanding where we are in our journey, where we are going and how best to get get there,” said Dennis Calvert, President & CEO at BioLargo. “They bring a team of experts to us that extends our reach and helps us speed up and refine our execution to success.”

At the beginning of the new year, The Disruptive Factory supported the closing of the latest fundraising round for our award-winning partner, Full Cycle Bioplastics – an organization that tackles plastic pollution and climate change by transforming organic matter into a compostable alternative to oil-based plastics. What more can we hope for in products that benefit society, the economy and our planet?

Jodie Davies
Jodie Davies

We are delighted to introduce a new member of The Disruptive Factory team – Australia native and IT transformation expert, Jodie Davies. Jodie Davies is the founder and CEO of wannabean, a company dedicated to turning plastic pollution into play. At The Disruptive Factory, Jodie will be responsible for leading Governance, Project Management and Change Management. She brings over 20 years of experience establishing and overseeing Project Management Offices, Project Portfolio Management, IT Transformation, IT Governance, Business Development and Client Success across a variety of industries and the Big 4 Advisory firms. Please help us in giving Jodie a warm welcome to The Disruptive Factory!

More client and partner news from The Disruptive Factory:
Biobased toys from Bioserie
Biobased toys from Bioserie
  • For transportation innovation enthusiasts out there, we are thrilled to share that The Disruptive Factory is partnering with air transit innovator FlyGlobos to develop their technology and customer experience journey and execution. Keep an eye out for more news, especially as we begin collaborating with strategic partners in China.
  • Earlier this month, our partner in location-based technology, Balcony, participated in discussions with the United Nations about opportunities to collaborate on disaster response.
  • The Disruptive Factory partner and award-winning maker of safe bioplastic baby toys, Bioserie is on track to break into tableware and packaging. Stay tuned!

New innovation is brewing at The Disruptive Factory. Take a peek under the hood:


This year, we launched a brand-new production company called The Experience Factory that will leverage the power of transmedia, technology and partnerships to engage and inspire action for positive social change.

The Experience Factory clients include socially-conscious companies across multiple sectors which champion (and whose audiences demand) innovative ideas, products and solutions for a more sustainable world. The core capabilities of The Experience Factory include engagement platforms, content and transmedia, strategic partnerships, branding and marketing, and events.

Coming soon from The Experience Factory:
Verti and friends
Verti and friends

Verti™ and the Last Generation
An animated, intergalactic saga where a last generation of children team up to save their planet from environmental disaster. If you’re interested in learning more about the Verti™ project, please contact The Experience Factory leadership team at jpbasile@thedisruptivefactory.com. We’d love to hear from you and find ways to collaborate as we bring the Verti™ story to life.

Transmedia Campaign for
Legacy of Light, the Film
A global transmedia campaign engaging and inspiring healthcare professionals and global audiences about the upcoming Legacy of Light feature film. To learn more about this incredible film and story, please visit the Legacy of Light website and stay tuned for more announcements.


Another new addition to The Disruptive Factory family in 2019 is TDF Technologies (short for The Disruptive Factory Technologies), a company that provides quality services in web and software development, data management, mobile applications, graphic design, and analytics. TDF Technologies is currently building an international team of professionals to provide first-class services with highly competitive fees for clients and partners. Since internet-based technology offerings are growing quickly across the world, TDF Technologies is creating the opportunity to engage brilliant minds from developing countries at a lower expense.

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