2 Big Announcements for our new collaborations in support of the United Nations initiatives for good…

Our First Big Announcement… Good Causes Corp in collaboration with The Disruptive Factory is delighted to OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE its partnership with both of these incredible organizations: Impact Leadership 21 and The Foundation for the Support of the United Nations.

Our good friend, colleague, and partner-for-good, Janet Salazar, founder and CEO of Impact Leadership 21, has arranged an incredible series of events including a gala evening that are perfect complements to all the events-for-good taking place in and around the (#UN) UN General Assembly on September 22nd, 2017.

Our Next Big Announcement… During the series of events at the UN General Assembly, Good Causes Corp will be introducing the first-ever interactive and gamified mobile platform that is designed to interact with citizens from around the world. This mobile app platform will allow users to support and engage an ever-increasing pool of local, regional and global sustainable environmental and social causes. This “game for good platform” built on the Passport2Good™ mobile app platform, addresses and supports each item on the list of the 17 identified United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. (learn more about the “17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals” here > #globalgoals)

We are really excited to finally be announcing the Passport2Good™ platform which is the only mobile platform in the world that makes it easy to discover, explore and act while playing a game, invite friends to play and share aligned goals, all while showing that everyday actions truly can and do make a difference. This app is great for people, planet and all the organizations that are enrolled and gives engaged organizations a powerful tool to increase their following and leverage their impact-for-good on the world.

We invite our friends around the world to join Verti™, The Disruptive Factory’s animated spokesperson, on a journey of discovery and positive action for building a sustainable world.

Stay tuned… the official rollout and launch of Passport2Good and Verti are coming very soon!

(BTW – the graphics pop-up display shown is our floor display for the events we are participating in)

Thanks for reading and sharing!

Cynthia A. Phillips
Founder / CEO The Disruptive Factory

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